About Us

About BetaCare

Nitax Technologies (NXT) is an emerging leader of innovations, offering IT solutions and services that aid digitaltransformation, solve business problems, and improve customer satisfaction . We provide a range of innovative sofwares and content that are unrivalled in the African space, leveraging expertise of our team which includes industry professionals with over two decades worth of experience. We solve business problems by finding opportunities to optimize business processes, also catering for the business needs of our clients. NXT Medical is a subsidiary of NXT Technologies. At NXT Medical we have partnered with leading companies in Africa to provide technology-based solutions in the healthcare industry. We recognize that technological innovations play a crucial role in sustaining health and with our team of doctors and tech experts, we are dedicated in solving problems to improve the health and quality of life one product at a time.

Our Vision

To improve quality of life through technology and world class delivery.

Our Mission

To empower our clients, aid digital transformation and ensure customer retention through innovative technological strategies and a collaborative approach.

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